concalf proudly presents: Cow Bale!

The cows have been collecting grass for months and were able to pile up a large stack of hay. After all this hard work, the cows came up with a way of defending their delicious property: While most of the cows are patrolling the field, the lead cow is standing on top the stack. It is armed with bales, ready to launch at any intruder that is getting too close. Unfortunately, the hay stack is standing in the middle of a large and empty field. Intruders can sneak up from any direction. Help the lead cow and tell it in which direction the bales need to be launched.

We are currently in the process of finalizing the gameplay and fixing the remaining bugs. Games can last up to several minutes, depending on how good your aim is. There are many different intruders with unique abilities, which make every stage of the game challenging and entertaining.

The game will be released in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

cowbale0011 cowbale0017 cowbale0014

Today we updated CowCopter to the new version 1.3.3



  • We are experimenting with interstitial ads instead of banners
    This will increase performance and hopefully you will like it better than banners
  • New achievement page
  • There is now a maximum altitude and a warning will be displayed if you are flying too high
  • Added a warning when there is no fuel left
  • Decreased file size
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Feedback is welcome!

Get it now for free on Google Play or SlideME