It has come to our attention that we released our very first game called Cow Cannon more than three years ago. Many things have happened in the mean time – there is no way we can cover everything in a single blog entry. Let us start from the beginning by taking a brief look at the early days of concalf games.

Impressed by the latest Android handsets of 2011, we decided to take a closer look at creating games for this increasingly popular platform. Our first task was to evaluate existing libraries and frameworks. The main requirements were:

  • portability: hide OS-dependent functionality and do not limit games to a single platform
  • performance: goes without saying
  • flexibility: support and not restrict development. Make it easy to implement custom solutions and do not dictate the ‘right‘ way
  • avoid the Android emulator as much as possible
  • open source: always a good thing if you want to know how something works on the inside
  • good documentation, active & friendly community

libGDX seemed like a perfect match right from the start. With just a few lines of code you get a ready-to-use OpenGL context, followed by ‘you may use and extend the functionality we provide, or you can implement it yourself‘. This unique versatility combined with the possibility of switching the backend and running one and the same application on a desktop computer and on an Android device were the deciding factors. Choosing libGDX over its competitors is something we have never come to regret. In fact, libGDX just keeps getting better with every release. Thank you very much for this incredible library!

We finally had all the tools necessary for developing our game. The most difficult part of the process however was not coding-related. We are both software developers – creating game assets like for instance graphics or sound effects was and still is very challenging for us. The first release of our game contained very simple assets. Over the years we kept working on the graphics: add a gradient here or there, adjust the colors and add transparency. There are many tutorials available online that show you how much impact even the smallest detail can have.

Compare the initial version of Cow Cannon with the latest version we released a few days ago. Even though the game mechanics are largely the same – the game itself now feels way more polished. In case you are wondering: the old screenshots are on the left 🙂

Old Cow Cannon Screenshot 1arrowNew Cow Cannon Screenshot 1

Old Cow Cannon Screenshot 2arrowNew Cow Cannon Screenshot 2

Old Cow Cannon Screenshot 3arrowNew Cow Cannon Screenshot 3

We will continue to improve Cow Cannon and hope you are having as much fun playing the game as we have making it. Get the latest version for free on Google Play and SlideME.

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