For the first time in our 4 entries to Ludum Dare, we managed to jam at the same location – at least for one day. Funnily enough, that took some time off our development time as we first had to fight an only partially working monitor – the first monster to overcome. Now to …

… the good

  • Idea and gameplay. I think managing hydra heads with different types lead to an interesting gameplay and we are quite happy about that.
  • Using libgdx and ashley. It helps to use things you are already familiar with and use library code you already created for other games. As ashley is concerned, we are still experimenting with it and component based programming is quite new to us (although already experimenting with it in LD32). The general design and organisation of code can be especially challenging.
  • Graphics. The overall graphics and aesthetics are a plus for us. We both are no designers so everything that does not let you want to rip your eyes out is a win. (and takes a long time to create)

… the ok

  • Game progression. As the jam went on and time flew by, there was no way we could implement enemies to spawn heads by damage as originally intended. So we settled  for the easy way (the programming hooks were already there) and spawn heads on mistakes which added a nice snowballing effect. But we should have also made something score bound as the comments suggested because a good player will actually have to make mistakes on purpose to get a more challenging experience.

… and the bad

  • Clearly sound & (the non-existent) music. It just was not enough time to search for good sounds or hope for the best in bfxr. To be honest, for us sound is the hardest thing to do.
  • Fixing weird hotkey behavior in browsers. Especially the search-as-you-type feature in Firefox was a pita to deal with. As a quick and dirty post jam fix, we catch all key presses on the page which to be honest is quite irritating (no tab, F5 … we could filter them but i think it will do for now)


What is this thing?

What is this thing?

Evolution of Hydra

Evolution of Hydra


As always, it was a great fun to take part in a #LDJAM. There is always a lot to learn. Don’t forget to try and rate our game.

See you next time!

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